Social Rules and Etiquette in Today’s Business World

Social rules and etiquette are changing as quickly as technology changes. Keeping up with social etiquette is vital as you want to make the right first impression.

In the past, you’d exchange business cards with a new contact during the initial introductions sealed with a friendly handshake.  However, times have changed.

Let’s think about the use of business cards for your next PTAC networking event.

  1. Do not expect your business card to speak for you. Instead, project yourself as the leader of your company without being pretentious.
  2. Don’t rush to hand out your business card – especially to someone you’ve just met. This action can make people feel you’re desperate to sell to them, particularly if you’re networking at a conference.
  3. Giving out 100 business cards does not mean you’ve made 100 contacts. In fact, you may have lost many of those potential contacts. Wait until there is a reason to give your card and ask for the other individual’s card at the same time. This will help to establish the beginning of the relationship. Agree to the method of follow up (phone call, email, or meeting) and make sure you honor the commitment.
  4. Keep your cards in a cardholder to ensure they look neat and are easy to retrieve.  Such remarks as “Sorry, it’s wrinkled,” “It’s the last one I have,” and “Let me clean that little bit of gum off of it” do not represent you or your company well.

Did you know your PTAC consultant can help you review your marketing content such as Capability Statements, business cards, and your website?  Before you go to a tradeshow, it’s a good idea to schedule a marketing review meeting with your consultant well before the event. This will provide you with enough time to act on their suggestions, make edits, and have all your marketing collateral ready to go in time for your next networking event. And remember, your PTAC classes are not only a source of valuable information but also an opportunity to work on your marketing skills with other PTAC clients in a safe environment.

New SBA Small Business Size Standards Taking Effect On August 19th, 2019

On July 18, 2019, the SBA Administrator posted a notice to the Federal Register announcing changes to the small business size standards to adjust for inflation. Though this is an interim rule, the changes will take effect on August 19, 2019, and will allow small businesses to remain “small” longer. They will also help some companies, which are currently just outside the small-business range, to move back within the range thus making them eligible to compete for small business set-aside contracts if the proposal due date is on or after August 19, 2019.

If you’re an agricultural firm, you’ll be pleased to know that the SBA has increased size standards for agricultural industries. But that’s not all! The NAICS codes relevant to agricultural industries are now included in the SBA’s rolling review for inflation, which occurs every five years. Before this change, the size standards for these NAICS codes were set by statute.

For more information about this interim rule, including the comment period that ends on September 16, 2019, or to review the new size standards table, click here to read the full notice in the Federal Register. If you have questions about the new size standards, whether they impact your business, how to certify your eligibility as a small business, or just want to gain a better understanding of these changes, contact your local PTAC consultant for further guidance.